Seaside, Cities and Sandwiches - a ‘ReCollection’

Outline and Brief

A montage of holiday photos

Share your holiday memories and see them incorporated into an audio photographic collage. This collection of recollections (a ReCollection) will offer the opportunity to compare and contrast holiday activities and memories over the generations. How do we “get away from it all”? What are our expectations for those precious days of freedom that we carve out of our annual schedules?

Choose an old photograph that records one of your most memorable holiday experiences (it’s best if you have it copied so we can keep the copy) and, for instance, think about what you’d say about the place you visited, the weather, the food you ate, and the people you were with. Be prepared to record your comments (formal or informal) reminiscing about your holiday so that we can create a sound backdrop for the photo collage to be installed at the Grant Bradley Gallery, St. Peter’s Court, Bedminster.

Mail your photograph now, with the filled-in form below, to ‘Seaside’, Southbank Bristol Arts, 3 Agate Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 3AQ, or bring it along to the next recording session.

Encourage your friends and family to select their favourite holiday photos, too. They’ll have the chance to record their recollections along the trail (to be announced) and have their photos and memories added to what will be an ever-growing ReCollection at the Grant Bradley Gallery continuing after the Arts Week has ended.

New recording session added

Memory recording sessions took place at the Basement Gallery, 6 Beauley Road, Southville on Friday 30 March 2007, 6 - 8 pm and Saturday 31 March 2007, 11 am - 1 pm.

With images building up and one recording session under our belt, the ReCollection is growing. Another recording session has been added and your main chance to participate in Seaside, Cities and Sandwiches – a ‘ReCollection’ will now be at the Arts Trail distribution meeting at the Southville Centre on 14 April 2007, between 1:00 and 5:30pm.

To join in, please login to download the (new version) file SEASIDE_participationV2.doc (Word document), and follow the instructions therein. If you'd like the form in a different format, please email the Web Team.