Message on a Bottle

Outline and Brief

Some examples of messages on bottles

Most of us are familiar with the popular desert island storyline of sticking a note in a bottle and sending it off across the waters with the hope that the message reaches someone. ‘Message On a Bottle’ invites Southbank artists and friends of all ages to make a work of art that sends a message from our own community (an island of sorts in the larger community of Bristol and beyond) to friends and family living elsewhere – or even to the world at large.

Here’s the plan: Taking a bottle (or bottles) as your starting point, construct a positive message you wish to send by using any medium or combination of mediums (i.e., paint, enamel, collage, papier maché – you name it). The “bottle messages” (signed or unsigned – it’s your choice) will be installed at St. Paul’s Church during the Arts Trail Weekend.

The finished works should be delivered to Tony and Glen Eastman’s at 21 Stackpool Road, Southville, no later than May 1, 2007. Please call them to set up a mutually convenient time for delivery (Phone: 966 7363). If your works will have any “unorthodox” installation requirements, please provide materials, fittings, and fixtures – and instructions on how they are to be presented.

Unless you indicate otherwise, your ‘Message On a Bottle’ will be included in a silent auction at the end of the trail to raise money for the SBA. All proceeds will go to the SBA coffers – but in the event your work does not sell (doubtful) or that you choose the NFS option (not-for-sale option), we will ask you to collect your work by the date specified (to be determined).

We look forward to getting your message!