Celebrating creativity in our neighbourhood

Southbank Bristol Arts what is trading binary options is an organisation dedicated to promoting arts and performance initiatives within the dynamic communities of Southville, Ashton and Bedminster.

Southbank Bristol Arts Week

Ghosts in the crypt

Building on the previous four Southbank Arts Trails, 2007’s event will be a whole week of arts and performance, from 12 – 19 May, starting with the Arts Trail weekend.

Expanding on the original Trail concept of walking and experiencing art, the week will be built around the theme of travel.

Seaside, Cities, and Sandwiches - a “ReCollection”

Share your holiday memories and see them incorporated into an audio-photographic collage at the Grant Bradley Gallery. Choose an old photograph that records one of your most memorable holiday experiences and be prepared to record a short description of the experience. For further details, see the Seaside, Cities & Sandwiches page.

Message on a Bottle

"Message on a Bottle" invites Southbank artists and friends of all ages to make a work of art that sends a message from our own community to friends, family or the world at large. By taking a bottle (or bottles) as your starting point, construct a positive message you wish to send by using any medium or combination of media (i.e., paint, enamel, collage, papier maché, sound – you name it). The “bottle messages” (signed or unsigned – it’s your choice) will be installed in St. Paul’s Church and unless indicated will be included in a silent auction to raise funds for the SBA.

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